Caplansky’s Deli Toronto – A Gluten Free Review

Smoked meat lovers, rejoice! Caplansky’s now have two locations in Toronto; one recent addition in Yorkville as well as their original location on College Street. I visited their beautiful little Yorkville deli last week for lunch and was seriously impressed.

Upon entering, I asked the server (who was wearing a shirt emblazoned with the slogan ‘I’m kind of a big dill’ on it – amazing) if they had any gluten free options. I was pleasantly surprised to be told that I had tons of choice because they offer gluten free bread, meaning that any of their sandwiches can be made gluten free!

Their fries are also gluten free, but sadly for me they are fried in the same fryer as glutenous items, so they aren’t suitable for coeliacs. However, they had multiple non-boring salad options that I could eat instead, including a house salad, greek salad, Caesar salad and coleslaw. I went for the classic smoked meat sandwich with a side of greek salad and it was DELICIOUS.


Piggy rating: 4/5

The smoked meat is truly incredible and 100% worth visiting Caplansky’s for, and the venue’s decor is adorable and fun, with a running theme of dill pickles and mustard everywhere! They also have an unlimited mustard and pickle bar which is a very cool addition. Caplansky’s loses a piggy point for their choice of gluten free bread – it’s a little bit stodgy – but it still works because the meat to bread ratio is perfect.



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