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Day 1 of USA Road Trip – Buffalo

Following an emotional morning saying goodbye to some of my favourite people, Ewan and I headed to the Greyhound bus terminal in Toronto. After a short faff because one of our cases was overweight (over 70lbs!), meaning that we had to reshuffle everything around in our bags and pay an extra fee, we were on the road!

A couple hours later we arrived at the US border. FUNNY MOMENT OF THE DAY: The lady at the border asked Ewan and I what we were doing in Chicago back in June (meaning purpose of our visit), and Ewan started listing off the tourist attractions we had been to, “Sears Tower, Hancock Building, the Bean…” Her confused face was brilliant, and against her better judgement, she let us in!


Our first stop in Buffalo was our current favourite BBQ restaurant in the world, Dinosaur BBQ. Their gluten free menu is extensive, with practically all of their meats and sauces being gluten free, and at least 60% of their sides too. We started with the chicken wings covered in Wango Tango sauce, and followed it up with a SweetHeart Deal – a full rack of ribs with a choice of 4 sides. For my sides, I had the mashed potatoes without the gravy and AK Chilli. Everything was amazing and I left the restaurant a very full and happy piggy.


Picking up the car first thing tomorrow, excited/anxious to find out what we’re going to be travelling around in for the next couple months!




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