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Day 27 of USA Road Trip – Des Moines 

Can you believe that we’re almost 4 weeks into the road trip?! It’s going insanely quickly! 5 weeks still to go though, so I have a while before it’s time to head back to reality.

We’ve already had loads of incredible moments and this really has been the best trip of my life so far, but there have been a few less amazing experiences that never made it onto the blog, and seeing as today’s destination was another quick one, I’ll reveal a few secrets. 

1. Gluten free bread doesn’t seem to cope well in the heat of the car and subsequently moulds very quickly, so I was using corn tortillas to make my peanut butter and jam sandwich lunch for about a week. I’m back to bread now as that was just too weird.

2. Following on from the above, we originally found ourselves sans cutlery, so I was literally spreading peanut butter and jam onto the tacos with my fingers. 

3. Ewan and I have only had one argument on the trip, the first night in New Orleans. Obviously, it was over food and I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually cried because the only thing I could eat in the city was a salad (told you I was a salad dodger). 

4. I’ve had to stop painting my nails all the colours I like because mosquitos are attracted to the darker colours and keep biting my fingers. 

5. I’ve also had to stop fake tanning after we got caught in a downpour and my beautiful white Converse got soaked. All the fake tan came off my feet, staining my shoes orange. We’ve washed them twice and they are still peach! 

Back to the present day, this morning we drove 3 hours to Des Moines, Iowa. The ride was uneventful and we only stopped once for a ‘wee and wifi’ break in McDonalds. Des Moines is a cool place to visit; modern, clean, and interesting, but it’s missing one vital component – people. It was totally dead! Perhaps it’s busier on a weekday? 

We headed to the State Capitol, a gorgeous, gold-roofed building with lots of attractive gardens and interesting monuments all around it. There was a big brass bell out the front that Ewan rang, and almost pooed himself when it made an insanely loud booming noise. We were the only ones there which made for great photo opportunities, but the bloody roof had scaffolding on it! That always happens to me. Whatever city I’m in, whatever building I’ve gone to see, I guarantee it will be covered in scaffolding! The State Capitol is closed on a Sunday so we couldn’t go inside it, but if inside is anything like the outside, I bet it’s worth a look. 

We then headed to Pappajohn Sculpture Park, which if you were wondering, has nothing to do with the pizza joint (don’t pretend your mind didn’t go there). It was a very cool space and full of weird and wonderful statues. Below are a couple of my favourites. 

It was now time for DINNER! I was super excited because we had reservations at Louie’s Wine Dive and their gluten free menu looked incredible. I was not disappointed! Their gluten free menu is extensive; you can get everything from pasta to battered fish to Nutella torte. We started with the calamari to share but sadly (not sadly for me) it was dusted with Parmesan, so Ewan didn’t eat it. My main was the champagne fish and chips, which was a champers and rice flour battered cod served with fries and coleslaw. The coleslaw was rank by the rest was delish! I washed my battered fish down with a couple happy hour $5 glasses of champers and was definitely in my happy place. I couldn’t resist the chocolate torte for pudding either. Coeliacs, please check them out if there’s a Louie’s Wine Dive near you, the staff are adorable and the food is great! 

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