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Day 2 of USA Road Trip – Erie, PA

So we pick up the car from Avis this morning and of course our bloody enormous suitcase (who I will refer to as Big Red from now on) doesn’t fit it the boot, meaning it will have to sit in the back seat like a passenger for the entire 2 months. Joy. We also realise that our little Ford Fiesta has a built in GPS system, which would be great if we hadn’t just spent $100 on a sodding SatNav…. but we mustn’t dwell on that.

After a 2 hour drive with Big Red, we arrive in Erie, Pennsylvania. It is immediately obvious that Erie is one of the most boring cities I have ever visited, and this is coming from someone who has been to Detroit. So, we bypass the town and head straight to Presque Isle Park, which is a pretty island with lots of beaches and lookout points. It’s also completely free!


We stop for lunch at a diner called Sara’s, located right after you enter the gate to the park. The only gluten free lunch option was a grilled chicken salad, which for a lifetime salad dodger like me sounded very depressing, but thanks to the copious amounts of ranch dressing and grated cheese, I actually quite enjoyed it. Ewan had curly fries and a burger (not jealous at all).


After an afternoon of exploring and sunbathing in the park, we head to the hotel to check in. It’s a Super 8 and my expectations are low, but it’s actually a pretty nice place with a big room! We then head to Walmart to buy the essentials: shampoo, car snacks, a US SIM card and some cereal for me incase theres nothing I can eat at the free breakfast. After Walmart it’s dinner time, and because we’re lazy we just drive across the road to Applebee’s.

IMG_9607 (1)

I am SO impressed with the gluten free options at Applebee’s. There was lots I could eat, and the Caprese Mozzarella Chicken that I ordered was DELICIOUS. It was basically tomato, mozzarella, caramelized red onion and a grilled chicken breast, sitting on top of garlic mashed potatoes. Yum.


Heading to Cleveland in the morning! Night all x

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